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One World Projects

White Soapstone Heart Box Handmade in Haiti Fair Trade Import

We want you to understand the work that is put into making one of these boxes. They are hand carved by our Haitian Artisans. What an amazing talent they have. This takes hours to create from a piece of rock. I don't think people understand in American stores when they pick up something as amazing as our soapstone how difficult and strenuous this is to make.

  • Large Heart Box Measures - 4 3/4'' high x 6 1/8'' wide x 6 1/2'' deep, inside depth is 1 3/4''
  • Small Heart Box Measures - 3 5/8'' high x 5' wide x 5'' deep, inside depth is 1 1/4''

Handmade in Haiti and fair trade imported.

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